Dental Hygiene

Decay and Gum disease remain the most common diseases to afflict mankind. For most people, decay occurs mostly in childhood and late in life while gum disease starts in early adulthood and worsens with time. Both diseases are usually painless until advanced.

So much for the bad news, now some good news! Both diseases are easily and inexpensively preventable.

After all, how much does a toothbrush and dental floss cost? Nothing because we give them to you! All it really costs is time; about five minutes a day. Bacteria that are allowed to grow, collect and remain on your teeth are the enemy. When they are removed, disease does not develop.

This is why your dentist and hygienist are always encouraging you to brush and floss your teeth. The brush removes the bacteria from the sides and tops of your teeth and dental floss cleans between your teeth. If the bacteria are removed by you each day, you are far more likely to enjoy health rather than disease.

It is only when bacteria collect and remain undisturbed that problems develop. It is always easier, less expensive and best to prevent problems from developing than it is to treat them after they develop. Gum disease is of significant concern.

It not only leads to tooth loss but it also increases your risk for other inflammatory diseases including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

We have found that all of our patients want two things. They want health and they want to avoid having dental work done. This is where dental hygiene and prevention come in.

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to effectively remove the bacteria from their teeth. They try but just haven¹t been shown the best way to do this effectively. Frustration and feelings of helplessness develop when problems keep developing in spite of their best efforts. People who know how to clean their teeth and do clean their teeth have far fewer problems than do those who do not.

We want to be sure that you know how to clean your teeth effectively. When this happens, you gain control of your dental health. You can have fewer problems and need less dental treatment going forward.

It's important to ask your Dental Hygenist how to floss properly, and how to brush properly. The best time to do this is when you come in for your scheduled cleaning.

And if you haven't had your teeth professionally cleaned in over 6 months, don't wait any longer! Call us to schedule your cleaning. It's easy. Just call us at 561-737-2005, and we wil get your scheduled for our first available appointment.

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