Dental Implants

Why Do We Need Dental Implants?

When someone loses a tooth, not only is the crown portion lost but the root is also lost. After the root is removed, the jaw bone that once held it is also lost.

The ability to chew food and the overall quality of life are reduced. Many people feel less whole, become embarrassed and discouraged or may even become withdrawn.

So, what are dental implants and how may they help you?

Implants are man made tooth roots. They replace the root portions of teeth that have been lost. And they help to preserve bone and restore the support, function and confidence that has been lost.

Everyone¹s situation is different and so implants help different people in different ways. Implants come in many different sizes and shapes and so there is an implant that would be ideal for everyone, including you.

The simple fact is, implants work. They enjoy very high success rate and they help to transform people¹s lives so that they can once again enjoy the quality of life that they once had.

When a single tooth has been lost, implants make it possible to replace the tooth without having to alter other teeth in the mouth. Simply place the implant(s) and then put a new tooth (crown) over the implant.

When multiple teeth are lost, there are several options for the replacement of teeth.

Several implants can be placed and new crowns can be used to restore what was lost. In this case, the new teeth will be the most similar to natural feeling since they will be close to the same size as were the teeth originally.

Another option is to place fewer implants and use them to help hold or support teeth replacements that resemble dentures or partial dentures in their appearance. This is often a good choice for when considerable tooth and bone loss has occurred.

The option is available so the teeth can be made to be removable where they snap onto the implants, or they can be made to not be removable – where they are directly attached to and supported by the implants entirely.

Of course every case is unique. After we meet you and understand what it is that you want we will examine your mouth to see what is necessary and possible, and then provide you all of your options.

Our goal is be sure that we understand what it is that you want, and for you to understand your options in treatment. We want for you to make a well informed and wise decision about your treatment. We will help you to enjoy the benefits of your dental implants.

For more information, and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dale Smith, please call 561-737-2005.

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