General Dentistry


General Dentistry includes the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and jaws. The general dentist is the best person to help you understand your dental situation, suggest treatment alternatives and either do or direct your chosen treatment plan. You can think of the general dentist as the quarterback of the dental team members that will help you.

Dental specialists such as Endodontists (root canals), Oral surgeons (jaw surgery), Orthodontists (braces), Pedodontists (children’s dentistry) and Periodontists (gum disease) are often suggested to patients when a certain specialty is needed.

Some general dentists limit the scope of treatment that they provide while others offer a wider range of services to their patients. Dr. Smith does many areas of dental treatment for his patients and refers to specialists when he feels that his patient would be best treated for a specific situation or problem. Dr. Smith emphasizes preventive care (cleanings, fluoride and disease prevention techniques and coaching). This is a very important but often underemphasized area of dental care. He provides restorative and reconstructive dental care (bonded composite fillings, porcelain or gold restorations, crowns, bridges, dentures and partial dentures. Dr. Smith also does root canals to save infected teeth, Invisalign to straighten teeth invisibly and implants to replace missing teeth or to support and stabilize loose dentures and partials. He also does extractions when hopeless teeth cannot be saved. Many patients prefer to have one dentist provide their care rather than to go to have to go to several offices for their treatment. For many patients Dr. Smith can provide all or most of the treatment that is needed.

The best first step for you to have the opportunity for good and long lasting dental care is to have a thorough examination and good diagnosis. After Dr. Smith has spent the time necessary to examine your mouth thoroughly and understand what level of care and cosmetics you desire, a well thought through and understood plan for your treatment can be developed and agreed upon.

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