Teeth Whitening


In our society, white teeth are thought to be cleaner, younger and healthier than are teeth that are darker in color.  This is the perception.  For this reason many patients want to know what can be done to make their teeth whiter.

Natural teeth (those that do not have crowns or large fillings present) can be lightened easily and quickly.  Teeth that have a brown or yellow discoloration lighten the most quickly and dramatically.  Teeth that are predominantly gray in color take more time and cannot be lightened as easily.

We have tried the one hour power light bleaching systems in our office but have found their results unpredictable and disappointing.  We found that patients had increased sensitivity in their teeth afterward.  We use a more time proven, predictable and less sensitive method for teeth whitening.  Custom fit bleaching trays made from accurate impressions of your teeth.   We reduce the concentration of bleach used and thus reduce sensitivity problems for our patients without compromising the degree of teeth whitening that is achieved.  Each day, you put a little bit of the bleaching gel into your bleaching tray and put in your mouth.  The gel spreads evenly across your teeth and the whitening process begins. Typically it takes from a few days to a couple weeks for your teeth to reach the brightness that you desire.  This method is not only the most effective and comfortable, it is also the least expensive for the following reason.  After teeth have been lightened, they gradually and slowly absorb color from foods and drink into their surfaces.  When the bleaching tray method has been used, you can simply and inexpensively re-bleach your teeth at home as you did originally.  Once every six months or year or so will keep your smile bright.  The only cost incurred would be nominal for fresh bleaching gel.  If an in office or light activated bleaching method has been used, a visit to the dentist’s office and a new and significant fee are involved.

Our patients have been very pleased with the results that they have seen from our bleaching tray method of teeth whitening.  We will be happy to evaluate your type of tooth discoloration and show you what type result you can expect from teeth whitening.

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